Ireland's border, Brexit and white supremacy ...

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Ireland's border, Brexit and white supremacy ...

Post by neverfail » Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:43 pm ... y/11391516

In the US, there was always considerable support for Irish republicanism because of that connection — one that is built, at least in part, on resentment of the British. The United States was born, of course, out of rebellion against British rule.

And from the early 1800s, Irish people migrated to America in huge numbers to escape harsh conditions created and maintained by British rule. In the century between about 1820 and 1930, an estimated 4.5 million Irish people arrived on US shores.

In the US, the Irish connection runs deep. So deep, in fact, that every year on St Patrick's Day the Chicago River runs emerald green.

There is much to be admired and celebrated in this long historical connection. But it also has a sinister side — one that may play an important role in the future of British and trans-Atlantic politics, and one that we would do well to be wary of.
From what I understand a "no deal" Brexit such as Boris Johnson and fellow hardliners seems to favor will very likely re-ignite sectarian civil war in Northern Ireland.

Beware America! Irish-American sentimentalist political lobbying might well propel the USA towards involvement as it has done more than once in the past but Irish-Americans, like so many other ethnic Americans, seem to be spiritually marooned in the past.

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