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WH broom closet

Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 8:41 am
by Jim the Moron
Important historical information -

Not far from the Oval Office is the 'Warren Harding Broom Closet," as ID'ed by a brass tag on the door. It of course was preserved in recognition of Warren's preference for it as a place to hump WH housekeeping staff.

Years passed. Finally, Trump ordered it to be cleaned out so that an alter to Eris, the goddess of chaos, could be installed. The trash so removed included an 18-minute segment of Nixon-era recording tape, multiple used Bill Clinton-era condoms, and a broom Hillary used as her preferred mode of transportation.

What? Are you going to accuse Jim the Moron of indulging in idle whimsy? Or, more grossly, of peddling piles of steaming spraint? Well, if so, you're on my list . . .