Public sector Unions deserve to be destroyed

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Re: Public sector Unions deserve to be destroyed

Post by lzzrdgrrl » Fri Mar 02, 2018 8:49 pm

Since we don't overthrow governments here, we'll hafta put it though the Courts. That'll be a long haul if even possible....:|..........
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Re: Public sector Unions deserve to be destroyed

Post by neverfail » Sun Mar 04, 2018 6:14 pm

I do not know how the public sector unions work in the US; but I am a former public sector worker out here. Let me assure you that within public sector employment as in private sector employment injustices can be done and are done to unprotected, lone individual employees. More often than I would find tolerable. Having union membership is therefore your best form of insurance for protection against petty injustice in the workplace and for seeking redress in instances where it happens to you.

I have had first-hand experience in this.

Cassowary, please stop posting your reactionary rants against trade unionism backed up by bigoted links that are intended to give your case the fig leaf of a bogus credibility. I know from years of reading your posts that your profound ignorance about what trade unions are for are only exceeded by your insufferable class arrogance.

Please pull your head out of your backside and try to see life as the other person experiences it just for a change!

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Re: Public sector Unions deserve to be destroyed

Post by Doc » Mon Mar 05, 2018 1:33 pm

It goes like this NF politicians have raised salaries and benefits far above what non government employees get. But the real issue that is bankrupting state and local governments is the generous pension plans. They can't be paid. But the politicians ignore the costs figuring they won't be around when it hits the fan. Well it is starting to hit the fan. ... 3488a1157f
Are State And Local Government Pensions Underfunded By $5 Trillion?

But here’s a fact that should tell you something: almost no other pension plans in the world are allowed to use the kind of accounting that U.S. state and local plans can. Corporate pension plans can’t discount their liabilities using the assumed return on investment. Nor can most public employee pensions in other countries.

Here’s why: defined benefit pensions promise a benefit that’s guaranteed. Legally it’s very hard to cut benefits that have already been earned and in the public sector it’s tough even to reduce the rate at which employee earn future benefits. Many state constitutions guarantees benefits, as reformers in Illinois, Oregon and elsewhere have discovered.

What this means is that if a pension plan’s investments don’t meet up to their assumed returns – and there’s a very good chance this won’t happen – then the taxpayer has to step in to make up the difference. The average “required contribution” for public pensions more than tripled from 2001 to 2013, mostly because investment returns have been sub-par.

TO be fair there are other reasons that some cities are going bankrupt Harrisburg PA the state capital took out a bond issue to build a huge trash incinerator with the argument that it would "make money"

The bottom line in both cases is that politicians are more than happy to send other people's money for whatever it is spent on. With Public Employee unions they are lobbying for better pay and working conditions when in fact they already do better than the rest of American workers by a lot.

In Pennsylvania for example Public employees total compensation is $91,000 per year while private sector emloyees on average get $48,000 per year.
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