Illegal nuclear strikes

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Jim the Moron
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Illegal nuclear strikes

Post by Jim the Moron » Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:49 pm ... KKBN1DI0QR


What form would this "resistance" take? A military coup?
What would constitute an "illegal strike order?"
Have other nuclear powers besides the US determined what would be a "legal" vs an "illegal" use of their nuclear weaponry?

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Re: Illegal nuclear strikes

Post by Milo » Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:06 am

Questions I have asked too and I haven't got any clarification.

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Re: Illegal nuclear strikes

Post by Doc » Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:01 pm

The General is stating that he would commit mutiny if ordered to launch a nuclear strike under some conditions. That is not his call not even close. The General Needs to be removed from his post and court marshaled His associates in the military need to be investigated for conspiracy to commit mutiny. In evidence is found they should also be put on Trial

When I was a kid I knew of a guy that should have been Marine core commandant Seems when he was the top pick he sent a coded message out to other marine corp officers simply asking them how they would like him as commandant.

As I recall he was not only not promoted to commandant He was put into early retirement because coded message was in no way acceptable. What Hyten did was put the entire nation and even the world under potential heightened threat of nuclear Apocalypse by imply that the US nuclear deterrent maybe is no deterrent at all.

Even if Hyten is think of a Dr. Stranglove type situation, except it is a president that has gone insane, his speaking his thought in public are gross incompetence.

The US is divided as is much of the world on how relations between nations should be. The globalists want multi-lateralism where the interests of nations give way to the "Greater Good" Which from my view point is national leaders being bought off by globalist and agreeing to be good "Boys and Girls" in exchange for a place at the "adult" table. This has resulted in 50,000 US manufacturing plants being packed up and shipped to China alone.

All in the name of profits for the "adults"

The alternate is bi-lateral relations. Where nation states and their national interests are first. Bi-lateral relations take into account the very real interests of the citizens of a given country.

My suspicion is that General Hyten is a deep state globalist lackey. Scary thought given he is the head of US Strategic Command. If you can't control a national leader then cut the leader off from his government, His military
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