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The Joker is the Left

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 11:42 pm
by cassowary
Why Leftists hate the "Joker".

...the one thing Joker is not is a Trump voter. He’s a leftist: a self-pitying victim; a hater of the rich; a man who takes no responsibility for his own actions but instead blames the unfairness of society.
That explains why so many movie critics hate the movie, "The Joker". They are leftists and deep down, they realize the movie is about them. They are the losers who do not take responsibility for their failures and disappointments. Instead, they blame it on an unjust society.

I have long wondered why people are still attracted to Socialism long after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Recent failures, like the Venezuela or Greece, have not deterred them from this ruinous ideology. Now I know. The left consists of people incapable of facing reality because the truth hurts.

It is hard to generalize and not all leftists are like this. But there is a large component of "Jokers" in the leftist camp. They are disappointed at how their lives turned out and they need some else to blame. The human being find it hard to believe that it is their own fault. That is too painful an admission. Our egos cannot take it. So it is the fault of society. It is because of social injustice. And its never my own fault.

So you end up with Jokers, destructive people. They are filled with rage against society and want to tear it down. No wonder the Democrats support irrational policies that will only bring the US down - open borders, sanctuary cities, Green New Deal, free stuff. They want to tear the country down which they blame for having failed them.

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The Gotham of the movie is late 1970’s New York, a toilet of pornography and violence. I lived there. I remember it. It was, like today’s crap-strewn and disintegrating San Francisco, a city the left made. A city that put the tender loving care of criminals above the safety of decent citizens. A city that would not get the homeless off its streets. A city that would not restrict or condemn pornography and prostitution on its main thoroughfares. Its lawmen were handcuffed by left-wing Supreme Court decisions that made it harder to investigate and prosecute the bad guys. And journalists were silenced by racial “sensitivity” because a lot of the people committing the crimes were black and no one wanted to seem racist.

So the city went to hell. Leftist hell.

Re: The Joker is the Left

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 11:57 pm
by cassowary
In the movie, "The Joker", played a unhappy man whose rage turned him into a destructive person.

Unhappiness is a characteristic of leftists. According to a study by David Newman from the University of Southern California, conservatives are happier than liberals.
Researchers found that people who identified as conservatives were happier, more satisfied, and have a greater purpose in life, according to a study published by Social Psychological and Personality Science on June 15.

Study author David Newman from University of Southern California came to conclusions based on five separate studies that pooled 19,051 people from the European Values Survey; another 3,222 people from a separate survey; 1,595 people from the Baylor Institute of Religion survey; 1,252 people who partook in a survey that evaluated their happiness, purpose in life, and stress; and another study that uncovered daily diary entries of 114 undergraduate students, according to PsyPost on July 8.
There are more details herefrom John Ray, PhD, former member of the Australia-Soviet friendship Society, and now a "deplorable."
What Newman’s team discovered is that conservatives are consistently and significantly happier than their liberal counterparts, and the more conservative a person is, the happier they are. Social conservatives are even happier than just fiscal conservatives, and both are much happier than liberals. Why? Because “there is some unique aspect of political conservatism that provides people with meaning and purpose in life.”

This was true for conservatives “at all reporting periods (global, daily, and momentary).” In other words, conservatives tend to be happy as a general rule, and not just when things are going well for them. That is extremely significant. It means their happiness is related to who they are inside, rather than being a reaction to their circumstances.

Of study participants, 52% of conservatives were “completely satisfied” with their family lives, compared to just 41% of liberals and moderates. Conservatives were also significantly more likely to believe marriage is “essential in creating and maintaining strong families,” and overwhelmingly more likely to be married (62% vs. 39%).

Considering the vast data on how marriage greatly increases overall happiness and well-being, economic stability, improved physical and mental health, and life expectancy, this is a game-changer.
So leftists are in general, miserable people. Of course, not all leftists are like that. But speaking generally, they are unhappy and lacking in a purpose in life. They get married less than conservatives and even when they do are less happy about it.
In the U.S., where leftists gravitate toward the Democrat Party and conservatives to the Republican Party, these mindsets and ideologies are clearly manifest in their messaging. As one writer put it, “Republicans … preach the message of limited government, responsibility and self-reliance, while Democrats … preach a message of victimhood and entitlement. … The former is empowering and the latter is debilitating, tending only to provoke feelings of resentment, anger, and helplessness.
Leftists bitterly clinging to victimhood and their secular religion of Socialism. I can think of a friend who is like this - my black American friend who bitterly believes that the misfortunes of black people around the world were caused by white racists. The truth - that it is mostly their own fault - is simply too much to bear.