Hahaha. Another Liberal Democrat bites the dust

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Re: Hahaha. Another Liberal Democrat bites the dust

Post by Doc » Thu May 17, 2018 9:14 am

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under microscopes being watched by who exactly?
In detail:

- The judge, who is required to hear both arguments and has to worry about looking bad on appeal. This includes arguments for continuing to trial in the first place. Flynn attempted to put his matter to the venue of the Senate in exchange for immunity, the Senate refused. He has since pleaded out.

- The Law Society / Bar Association, misconduct towards another lawyer and anything that does not advance legal issues but that can bring the justice system into disrepute; can result in discipline up to disbarment and civil action. Anyone practising law has to answer to their guild and the guild wants to keep a good public image, or at least a low profile!

- The ministry of justice, run by the Minister of Justice, accountable to the electorate. Trump, or Bill Clinton many years ago, can / could have fire(d) the Special Counsel at any time, if not directly then indirectly.
You mean like in the case of Special Prosecutor Mueller capto Andrew Wiessman?

https://www.nytimes.com/2005/05/31/busi ... ersen.html
Justices Unanimously Overturn Conviction of Arthur Andersen

But the decision represents little more than a Pyrrhic victory for Andersen, which lost its clients after being indicted on obstruction of justice charges and has no chance of returning as a viable enterprise. The accounting firm has shrunk from 28,000 employees in the United States to a skeleton crew of 200, who are attending to the final details of closing down the partnership. [Page C1.] In its ruling, legal experts said, the Supreme Court did not ultimately settle the issue of whether Andersen acted with criminal intent when it allowed many of Enron's accounting papers to be destroyed. But it made clear that prosecutors went too far by pressing District Judge Melinda Harmon in Houston to set such a low hurdle for the jury to reach a guilty verdict in the case in 2002.

"Indeed, it is striking how little culpability the instructions required," Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist said in his opinion for the court, issued just over a month after an argument in which justices across the ideological spectrum expressed great skepticism about the prosecution of Andersen. During the April 27 argument, Justice Antonin Scalia characterized the government's theory of the case as "weird."
So 28,000 people lost their jobs and this very same sleazy proctorial jerk is the top aid in the "But Russia" investigation.
The state of Louisiana has an elected AG.

You make my point.
I did not mention LA Milo. I did not say that elected AG's were perfect either I am saying is that they are much more preferable to sleaze bag lawyers like Wiessman. But if you really want to make your point then you should bring up NY State AG's to try to make your point. What is it? The last two or is it three have resigned in disgrace. Of course had they been appointed we would probably never even heard of the scandals they resigned over.

I suppose Shakespeare was right "Kill all the lawyers" (Present company excluded of course).
That is generally thought to be a compliment to lawyers, as it is said by a total cad.
I believe Shakespeare's beef was that everyone was stealing his works and paying him nothing. Even after hiring lawyers to stop it.
“"I fancied myself as some kind of god....It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.” -- George Soros

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