Trump suggests the death penalty for drug pushers

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Re: Trump suggests the death penalty for drug pushers

Post by cassowary » Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:17 pm

neverfail wrote:
Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:59 pm
cassowary wrote:
Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:51 pm

Wham sympathizes with convicted drug pushers and Marxists. Only nuts do that.
To be concerned about the human rights of others, even though you risk being arrested yourself, is NOT the activity of a "nut". It does not likewise imply approval of the activity of drug pushers nor solidarity with the beliefs of Marxists - so drop the guilt by association smear Cassowary and recognise a concerned, courageous individual in your midst when you see one.
I see Wham in a different light. Nuts like him may become the Robert Mugabe of tomorrow. Mugabe also started out as an idealist. Once they tasted power, things change. Wham is a political activist who, I suspect, harbors political ambitions. Don't forget he could have easily avoided arrest by exercising his free speech rights in Hong Lim Park. Instead, he chose to court arrest by demonstrating in the wrong places.

I believe he wants to get attention to put him in good stead with the leftists in the next election. His sympathies with Marxists shows that his idealism is misplaced in an ideology that has failed time and again. Should he ever gain power, the result is predictable. He will fail, because that is what Socialism does. But like Mugabe, he will find the taste of power so sweet that he will not relinguish it. So, like Mugabe and others, he will become another dictator. Wham, to me, is a potential dictator that will bring poverty and dictatorship to Singapore. In the end, he will end up with power, money and girls like the rest of the leftist dictators while the rest of us starve as in Venezuela and Zimbabwe.
Singapore is (if your theory holds water) now more than affluent enough to abolish capital punishment and substitute (say) long prison sentences for drug pushers. Bearing in mind that there are plenty of countries poorer than Singapore (e.g. Sertorio's Portugal) that have done so years ago. So how much longer will it take before you Singaporeans finally decide to (figuratively) pull your fingers out of your rear anal passages and push that one-party government of yours into finally respecting human rights as policy?

It is YOUR human rights that are at stake mate, not mine!
Exactly. I value our human rights. So I care about the right to live and bring up children in a drug free environment. I don't want to see drug gangs fighting turf wars and getting innocents killed. What about their human rights? I don't want to see our kids getting overdosed by drugs. What about their human rights. I care about the lives ruined by drugs. It seems that Wham and you care more anout the rights of drug traffickers than the victims.

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Re: Trump suggests the death penalty for drug pushers

Post by neverfail » Wed Mar 14, 2018 1:01 pm

You put up a good case Cassowary.

Well, Singapore is your home turf so I won't comment on this point any more.

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