Xi and Putin to meet after Chinese drone shot down

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Xi and Putin to meet after Chinese drone shot down

Post by neverfail » Fri Mar 17, 2023 10:42 pm

$13,000 ‘Alibaba drone’ was downed in Ukraine before Russian jets knocked $32 million US drone into Black Sea
Chinese President Xi Jinping is going to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow between March 20 and 22, aiming to strengthen China-Russia economic ties and look for a solution to end the war in Ukraine.

Coincidentally or not, the meeting is scheduled at a time when there are signs China has become more of a factor in the Ukraine War – however reluctantly in some cases. This week, the Ukrainian military told CNN that an armed Chinese Mugin-5 drone was shot down in Sloviansk, Ukraine.

Some of that reluctance comes in here. Mugin Ltd, a Xiamen-based drone maker, complained that its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platforms should not be used for military purposes as they are designed for the “betterment of humanity." “We absolutely condemn the use of our UAV platforms for military purposes,” the company says in a statement.
Well, they would say that!
“Since the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, we have ceased to accept orders from both Russia and Ukraine.”

It says it also condemns attaching weapons and explosives to its drones and does not provide after-sales service for military purposes.

According to the Ukrainian military, a Mugin-5 drone was seen flying toward Ukraine from an area occupied by Russian troops in the early morning on March 11.

The drone, carrying about 20 kilograms of explosives, was shot down by Ukrainian soldiers with AK-47 rifles. It was more like a “dumb bomb” than a spy drone as it did not have a camera, according to weapon experts.

https://asiatimes.com/2023/03/chinese-d ... will-meet/
:lol: :lol: :lol:

It seems that Vladimir Putin, or those who serve him in Ukraine, may have been a naughty boy.

If the Russian autocrat is not on Xi Jinpeng's "shit list" by now then he probably should be.

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