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Russia and China

Post by Sertorio » Fri Aug 05, 2022 11:44 am

Maybe I should recognize here that I may have been a bit too naïve in my assessment of the relations between Russia and China. The following text explains why I was forced to recognize I have been at least partially wrong:
If You Ever Needed Any Proof...
by Andrei Martyanov

Upon my video on situation with Taiwan, as was expected, I was bombarded by accusations of "demeaning" China, of "underestimating" her and other sins of this nature. I want to respond to all "critics"--I don't DO pleasantries, I am into business of sober assessment of geopolitical (a euphemism for military-industrial capability) balance. All of those "accusers" miss completely my every praise of China's achievements, but immediately go bananas when I point out things which do define this very geopolitical balance.

1. Many continue to forget that China still remains a very "good boy" for the US when it comes to sanctions against Russia. Yes, China buys Russia's energy, but so does USA, who exempted it, together with other strategic resources, from sanctions. Should I ignore this fact for the sake of Russian-Chinese friendship? Ask yourself a question why Russia grows her indigenous microelectronics industry with lighting speed? Well, because China is in no hurry to provide Russia with it. I can sit here and write this list for 24 hours.

2. Many still do not understand that militarily and technologically China lags behind both US and Russia. It is a hard cold fact which many prefer to ignore. Yet, the list of crucial military and dual-use technologies where China lags, not to speak of operational and strategic experience, is vast. It takes a lot of effort to explain to people what it takes to build and operate effectively such huge military organizations as advanced submarine force, carrier task groups or air force, among many others. Sorry to break it for you, China lags here, and this is not just my opinion, it is opinion of Russian military professionals who were directly involved militarily with Chinese. China still has a long way to go here.


It took obvious humiliation, largely self-inflicted by Chinese, of this bimbo Pelosi visit to Taiwan for China to start recognizing that maybe there should be more than just buying of energy and some from Russia and verbal support in a strategic partnership. Time for CPC to start cleaning its decision-making circles from people from Chinese Komsomol, a precise contingent, which keeps its vast fortunes, families and real estate in the United States and Canada and continues to exercise this illusion that China can substitute the United States as global hegemon and become... the US 2.0. Hopefully this humiliation gives Comrade Xi a necessary tool for removing these people who believed that fantasy. The reaction from China in regards to Russia is really instant, but still, let's wait and see how it will translate into practical actions. Russia fully supports China and will continue her support but it is about time China also undertook very substantive steps, not just declarations, towards real alliance and adjustment of China's economic aspirations to the realities of the Eurasian integration, whose strategic security rests with Russia. Ah yes, Chinese recognition of Crimea as part of Russia would have been nice, know.
Of course one should be careful not to go too far in the opposite direction, but one should not forget that Russia's and China's interests may sometimes diverge. Which doesn't mean that the two countries cannot work together, but they should try to keep a proper balance and not allow for one party to become dominant in this partnership. Fortunately the US and Europe are doing their best to make sure that Russia and China will not allow their occasional differences to hinder their cooperation and, why not, their alliance.

But yes, while not wrong, I have been less than completely right in my assessment of the two countries relationship. I recognize it here and will try to do better in the future...

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