WWIII panic is kalingrad

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Re: WWIII panic is kalingrad

Post by Doc » Thu Jun 23, 2022 9:19 pm

neverfail wrote:
Thu Jun 23, 2022 4:59 pm
Sertorio wrote:
Thu Jun 23, 2022 4:39 am
neverfail wrote:
Thu Jun 23, 2022 4:19 am
As a sovereign nation Lithuania has a perfect right to decide what passes across its borders into the domain of a neighbouring state. If only Russia were a more agreeable neighbour there would be no problem.
The EU and Lithuania have signed an agreement with Russia that there would be no interference in the traffic between Russia proper and Kaliningrad. Besides, international law forbids any blockade of transit between two parts of the same country. At most Lithuania might be allowed to demand that goods in transit are inside sealed containers, to prevent those goods being offloaded while passing through its territory. Let's, for once, stop trying to justify violations of international law by countries we like.
It is not as though Russia needs to send goods by rail or road through Lithuania: considering that Lithuania has no common border with Russia apart from with the Kaliningrad exclave. On the eastern side of Lithuania is Belarus, not Russia. So any goods being sent overland would need to transit the width of Belarus before they could even reach the Lithuanian border.

Russia still has unimpeded access by sea to the exclave, especially from their port of St Petersburg. So as I see it there is no need for Putin to make an issue of it. To avoid treading on Lithuanian and EU corns simply supply the exclave by sea.

(But of course Putin has no intention or desire to avert a crisis these days, does he?)
The issue with Russia's Baltic port is is that it is frozen over during the winter and pretty much useless when it is. Which Ironically is why Crimea is so important for Russia as it only good port in the east.
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