The Reality of NATO

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The Reality of NATO

Post by Sertorio » Thu Jan 13, 2022 8:08 am

Serbia to File 2 More Lawsuits Against NATO Over Uranium Bombing ... 36013.html

BELGRADE (Sputnik) - Two new lawsuits against NATO will be brought to the Higher Court in Belgrade on behalf of Serbian victims of the 1999 depleted uranium bombing in Yugoslavia, a year after the first claim over the issue was filed, lawyer Srdjan Aleksic told Sputnik.

The first lawsuit, over 20 years after the bombing, was filed in January 2021. Aleksic was working on material evidence to represent the interests of a Yugoslavian officer with cancer because of the airstrikes.
"On January 20, we are filing two new lawsuits in Belgrade from two victims and we hope that then every month, we will file two or three more [lawsuits]. It takes time and money for the work of an expert in explosives and weapons and a medical examiner's conclusion. It must be clearly proved that NATO carried out depleted uranium bombings where the plaintiffs were located. It also has to be proved that the plaintiffs' cancer has been caused by radiation from NATO uranium," Aleksic said.

NATO could have used conventional weapons; however, it chose to use depleted uranium on the territory of Serbia, the lawyer went on, which will have a detrimental effect on people for many years to come.
"This is a war crime and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization must compensate for damage to the Serbian citizens," Aleksic said.

The lawyer added that last year's claim was forwarded to NATO headquarters, but so far without acknowledgment of having been received. However, the Higher Court in Belgrade may pass a verdict to NATO even if the alliance does not take part in the proceedings under the Serbian legislation, Aleksic explained.

Aleksic is seeking compensation of at least 300,000 euros ($344,000) for each Serbian victim, as it was for the western European military who were exposed to a dangerous amount of radiation during their service at NATO.

NATO airstrikes continued from March 24 to June 10, 1999, claiming an unknown number of lives. The Serbian authorities say that about 2,500 people, including 89 children, were killed and about 12,500 people were injured in the bombings. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that the use of depleted uranium weapons caused an increase in the number of cancer patients in the country.
To better understand what we are talking about, read the following:
Search for the truth about the NATO use of depleted uranium in the war against Yugoslavia ... N:34047646

[the IAEA is the International Atomic Energy Agency]


Having produced thousands atomic, hydrogen and neutron bombs USA and other members of NATO possess large amount of nuclear waste, which also includes depleted uranium. Depleted uranium is natural uranium out of which 0.5% of Uranium-235 isotope is removed to be used for atomic bombs and nuclear fuel. Produced in this way, 'depleted uranium' is still highly radioactive. In one kilogram of such uranium 25 million radioactive decays take place in one second. During the NATO war against Yugoslavia in 1999 their planes A-10 fired the shells containing 272 grams of depleted uranium as they did previously in the Gulf war with Iraq and in 1995 against the Serbs in former Bosnia and Herzegovina. The effects of this 'dirty weapon', forbidden by international conventions, have been already known as disastrous, causing not only human but ecological consequences as well. That is why depleted uranium got the name: metal of dishonor. After long denial, on May the 3rd American General Chuck Weld has confessed that NATO aviation is using ammunition with depleted uranium in the war against Yugoslavia in Kosovo and Metohija. Number of the locations under the fire of depleted uranium after the war was rising with time. At the beginning NATO information contained small number of such 'targets', 20-30. When the soldiers of the UN peacekeeping forces at Kosovo became ill, NATO was forced to reveal the new data of the used depleted uranium. In their report from January 24, 2001 (Updated on February 8 same year) they claim that 112 locations in Kosovo and Montenegro were exposed to depleted uranium rounds fired from the guns GAU-8 of A-10 planes. According to this report one can estimate the use of about 9 tons of depleted uranium. Our careful analysis points to many mistakes, lack of data, misleading conclusions and contradictions. At least 115 locations were contaminated by depleted uranium. The minimal number of rounds could be close to 43,300, e.g. minimum 12 tons of depleted uranium has been used. Our analysis of published NATO's map of locations - targets of depleted uranium - shows that besides Yugoslavia, two other independent countries: Albania and Former Yugoslav Republic Macedonia, got their share of radioactive depleted uranium material. Definitely, new data have to be made public by NATO or independent scientific survey of Balkan territory should be made. Search for the truth must continue.
We often mention NATO on this board, so I thought it useful to draw your attention to some of the less savoury aspects of this aggressive military alliance. In view of their past, we should be be prepared for NATO to use nuclear weapons in any coming war with Russia.

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