The Belarus - Poland Border Crisis

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The Belarus - Poland Border Crisis

Post by Sertorio » Mon Nov 15, 2021 2:35 am

We all know what is happening on the Belarus - Polish border, so I will not bother reviewing it. Just a quote from The New York Times briefing which I receive by e-mail:
The E.U. has called the moves by Belarus an attempt to “weaponize” migrants and force a crisis in order to punish the bloc for its criticism of its strongman leader, Aleksandr Lukashenko.
Indeed, the US and the EU were quick to interfere in the Belarus presidential election, deciding Lukashenko was not the legal or legitimate president of the country. It keeps amazing me how the West decided to dump diplomacy in its relations with the world, and adopt the policies of aggression, with threats, sanctions and insults. Does the West really think that such policies can work? Do they think they can intimidate those countries and force them to do what the West wants? Are they that stupid? Or do they crave for a major war?

Disturbing as Lukashenko's use of migrants may be, the fact is that without the arrogant interference of the EU in the Belarus internal affairs, there wouldn't be any migrant crisis. The solution is obvious: let the EU drop all sanctions against Belarus and the migrants will melt away in no time. But I guess the EU prefers to sacrifice the migrants, including by shooting at them if they try to cross the border...That's how respectful of human rights we are...


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