Australian PM lays it on the line to Washington over Iran.

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Australian PM lays it on the line to Washington over Iran.

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Malcolm Turnbull's frankness to Israelis on Iran aimed squarely at Washington

Her point, as made originally in this column a fortnight before, was that if Donald Trump pulls out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action signed up to in good faith by Tehran and the permanent five UN Security Council members (US, Britain, France, China, and Russia), the take-out for Pyongyang will be obvious: don't deal with the West, and don't whatever you do, suspend your nuclear weapons program in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions.

(My commentary) Exactly! The beware of war on two fronts principle being applied to international diplomacy.

Make peace with Iran for the sake of being able to then place undivided pressure on North Korea.

To the paranoid Israelis Iran is the perceived (mountain out of molehill exaggerated) threat close at hand and North Korea one so far away it does not even count. Well, I am sorry but viewing the World from Australia's perch the opposite looks to be true.

I must concede that Turnbull showed guts saying that to his Israeli hosts in Jerusalem. But as the Herald article points out: Turnbull is using his visit to Israel for a bit of "over his shoulder" megaphone diplomacy with Washington DC. Israeli government circles would surely have enough nous to comprehend this and not take offence.

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