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Starvation: "an opportunity to revise and change cultural consumption patterns"

Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 1:46 pm
by Doc
Socialist Venezuela Tells People To Eat Their Pets To Avoid Starvation (Video)

Three-fourths of Venezuelans have lost almost twenty pounds on average over the course of the year. This socialism diet is better than Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers.
I bet their government hasn’t lost any weight and isn’t forced to eat rabbit. This is just another country that proves socialism doesn’t work!

This is what happens when citizens are unable to fend for themselves.

WFB: The Venezuelan government just urged its citizens to eat their pet rabbits so they won’t starve to death. A severe food crisis is part of the socialist utopia that just keeps going downhill. What’s next? Cannibalism?

President Nicolas Maduro unveiled a government program called “Plan Rabbit” at a meeting with his agriculture minister, Freddy Bernal, that was broadcast on Periscope, CNN Money reported. It’s a plan to distribute rabbits to communities across Venezuela to breed and eat. Maduro noted that rabbits breed quickly and are a good source of protein, but not cholesterol.

“The rabbit isn’t a pet, it’s only two and a half kilos of meat,” Bernal stressed in the streamed announcement. He then invoked President Donald Trump to push the program.

“Trump’s attack against the Venezuelan people is an opportunity to revise and change cultural consumption patterns,” he said.

Venezuelan opposition leaders immediately slammed the move.

“Are you serious?” asked former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles in a video response. “You want people to start raising rabbits to solve the problem of hunger in our country?”

A 2016 study found that three-fourths of Venezuelans had lost almost twenty pounds on average over the course of the year. Meat is particularly scarce in the South American nation, with citizens even resorting to butchering zoo animals, according to police.

Most economists agree the mass hunger is the result of socialist government policies spearheaded by former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez and Maduro, his successor. Chavez instituted price controls on many food items, which helped lead to shortages and massive inflation.