Trump retweets supporter's call for 'white power'

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Trump retweets supporter's call for 'white power'

Post by neverfail » Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:25 pm ... 5572s.html

I will give Trump the benefit of the doubt this time. As he deleted the supporter's tweet soon after letting it appear might have been an oversight on his part. Still, Trump's antics make you wonder.......

For instance, are you aware that his pet electioneering slogan "America First" is a recycled catchphrase from days of yore: ... st/514037/

The America First Committee (AFC), which was founded in 1940, opposed any U.S. involvement in World War II, and was harshly critical of the Roosevelt administration, which it accused of pressing the U.S. toward war. At its peak, it had 800,000 members across the country, included socialists, conservatives, and some of the most prominent Americans from some of the most prominent families. There was future President Ford; Sargent Shriver, who’d go on to lead the Peace Corps; and Potter Stewart, the future U.S. Supreme Court justice. It was funded by the families who owned Sears-Roebuck and the Chicago Tribune, but also counted among its ranks prominent anti-Semites of the day.
The AFC also attracted the support of celebrity aviator Charles Lindbergh who by 1941 had concluded that Britain was destined to lose the war against Nazi Germany. Convinced that the Roosevelt administration was manouvering to get America into World War Two, Lindbergh campaigned for Roosevelt to cut off Lend-lease aid to the United Kingdom on the basis that Britain is destined to lose this war to Germany so the aid will amount to squandered resources.

Lindbergh only finally shut up after Germany's Axis ally Imperial Japan bombed Pearl Harbour.

I know not whether either Charles Lindbergh (like Trump, a Teutonic American) or the America First Committee were consciously working for The Third Reich or were a team of block-headed innocents who collectively lacked the nous needed to figure out the geopolitical consequences of their espoused policy position. (Being Americans the latter seems to have been more likely). Either way, had they managed to force or manipulate the Roosevelt administration to adopt their policy it would have made British capitulation to Nazi Germany inevitable.

Undoubtably, had it happened the world we live in today would be a different and not likely a better place.

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