South Korea’s rise and rise.....(a good news story)

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Re: South Korea’s rise and rise.....(a good news story)

Post by neverfail » Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:04 pm

Milo wrote:
Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:48 am
cassowary wrote:
Mon Jun 29, 2020 6:15 am

Intelligence also plays a role. You are right that it is something we have no control over.

But we have control over most things. I was brought up in a missionary school. At a young age, we were taught the connection between sin and poverty as well as its converse, virtue and wealth.

There are many Biblical verses extolling diligence, frugality, chastity, honesty, abstinence from alcohol etc. Gambling and smoking were also regarded as sins.

It was made clear to us that the sluggards, spendthrift, drunkard, womanisers will not prosper in life.

Work at the calling (ie skill God blessed you with), save instead of spending on earthly pleasures and invest your money wisely as in the parable of the talents. That’s the formula for a good life.

It will also make you rich or at least better off than those who indulge in sin. Intelligence is only one quality for success. It might not even be the most important one. You might not have a high IQ but you will likely be good at something. That’s God’s gift to you. Work at it and you will get somewhere in life.

Keep blaming your misfortune on capitalism or racism or whatever, you will remain poor and miserable.
As a matter of fact it is an obligation of every decent person to do what they can to improve their country. What kind of "bum" would stand by and let injustice reign?
Well and succinctly put Milo. Though had it been me I might have worded your second sentence 'What kind of "bum" would stand by and let injustice reign if it were within his power to change things for the better (or at least contribute to the remedy)?'

Cassowary, I am in sympathy with your concept of "calling": Which I hope you understand is not identical to "occupation" orcareer path" though not exclusive to it either. But when you mention At a young age, we were taught the connection between sin and poverty as well as its converse, virtue and wealth I bridle: for it moves me to wonder whether at that tender age in your life you might have been in the hands of what a priest I knew would have referred to as "bad shepherds". For it seems to have sown in your mind that God's blessing must be manifest in terms of success in business and other forms of worldly aggrandisement.

As for me: born handicapped with a form of autism at a time when even the physciatrists out here were largely ignorent of this kind of mental disorder and its treatment, the odds were stacked against me from the start for embarking on a successful career in the conventional sense - and so in my case it turned out to be. I had to learn everything via the school of hard knocks. Yet looking back I can see how, though a sinner, God still extended his helping hand time and again to carry me through the rough patches in life that I encountered (which were many).

Cass, even though (from my perspective) you might have gained a somewhat warped view of divine providence from out of your religious education; in that you gained an educated view of God and his works thorugh it then you should consider it an act of divine mercy - many people on this planet still never get the opportunity to access such knowledge. The fact that you were blessed by having parents willing and able to support you through this education you should also consider to have been another of God's blessings. And so on!

You have certainly been called just as I have. But called for what? If it is for self-aggrandisement through worldly success then I would suggest that you may be wasting the talent God gave you.

I am troubled by the impression I gain from some of your published comments that you consider sinners worthy only of being despised. That goes against the very reason why Jesus Christ was born on to this Earth, was crucified and then self-resurrected from the dead. Holding sinners in contempt was for the Jewish establishment of His day - which is why Christ fell out with the Jewish clergy to the point where they wanted to have him killed.

Sinners willing to relinquish their sins are worthy of redemption.

So please take note of Milo's words. Injustice is sinful. If you conveniently ignore it when you have some powers to remedy it then you are guilty of helping to perpetuate the sin.

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