CCP Plans to end one country two system at people's congress

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CCP Plans to end one country two system at people's congress

Post by Doc » Thu May 21, 2020 7:09 am ... gn=3085412
Two Sessions 2020: Beijing will announce resolution for national security legislation for Hong Kong to proscribe secession, foreign interference and terrorism

Beijing will introduce a draft resolution to allow the National People’s Congress to chart legislation for a new national security law tailor-made for Hong Kong that will proscribe secessionist and subversive activity, foreign interference and terrorism in the city, sources have told the Post.

A Beijing source said the new law would ban all seditious activities aimed at toppling the central government and external interference in Hong Kong’s affairs. It would also target terrorist acts in the city.
A mainland source familiar with Hong Kong affairs said Beijing had concluded that it was impossible for the city’s Legislative Council to pass a national security law under Article 23 given the city’s political climate and hence was turning to the National People’s Congress
, the country’s legislature, to take on the responsibility.
This will lead to the end of Hong Kong's special US status for banking, which is a leading domino for many other things.
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