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Keep Joe biden moving moving moving moving rawhide

Post by Doc » Wed May 13, 2020 7:01 pm

Joe Biden yesterday on good morning America:

"I have no knowledge of unmasking of Trump officials"


Joe Biden unmasked as an unmasker in the prolifically unmasking Obama Admin

And note that all the unmasking happened between the election of Donald Trump and his inauguration.

Apparently all of Obama's men and women were concerned that once Gen Flynn settled into head of the NSC he would soon become aware of all the FISA misdeeds of the Obama Admin Then they would be liable to go to jail.

Also they did not like that Flynn was an objector to the supporting the war in Syria because the support was going to Al Qaeda and ISIS. Which also explains why Obama was so late in helping the Yadzis in Iraq. IE ISIS was his friend.

It also explains what happened in Bengazi. Which was a cover up of the above. Hillary and Obama were apparently hoping that no witness were left alive.
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