PBS Frontline: The Facebook Delima

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PBS Frontline: The Facebook Delima

Post by Doc » Wed Oct 31, 2018 4:43 pm

https://www.chicagotribune.com/entertai ... y,amp.html

'The Facebook Dilemma' review: 'Frontline' doc examines the dark side of sharing

No bombshell revelations can be found, hiding in the weeds of the two-part PBS “Frontline” documentary “The Facebook Dilemma.” There’s no “gotcha!” moment to startle you into unfriending the scarily influential social media platform.

But none are needed. Enough can be verified now about “Facebook” CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s business model, safety and security lapses and secretive data mining operations to let billions of us make an informed risk analysis about Facebook, our lives and its digital surveillance thereof. I’m still on Facebook, for the record. If you are, too, you should watch this two-hour “Frontline” report. For news feed scrollers and algorithm patsies everywhere, director James Jacoby’s careful, dogged, very fine documentary will make for an engrossing lesson in the price of a “like.”


I think I am going to apply to Facebook for Director of Double Speak, Confirmation Bias and the Human race can't handle the truth. After all they have a Director of "social good".

The "Geniuses" of Sillycon valley Social Media companies didn't understand that they are in the propaganda business. They don't even really understand how propaganda works Neither does PBS Frontline. Propaganda rule number ONE:

The best propaganda comes from half truths pumped into an "me too!!" echo chamber.
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