Imam apologized to Jews, Christians

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Imam apologized to Jews, Christians

Post by cassowary » Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:41 am

It can only happen in Singapore. A Muslim imam apologizing to Jews? Never heard of it before. Imam visited the local synagogue to apologize to the Rabbi and his congregation who forgave him.

Singapore deports Imam for speaking against Christians and Jews in a sermon.

You guys should grow a backbone and crack down on these radicals. As for Singapore, I think, it is getting soft. Singapore should have jailed him and not just deport him.
During a prayer session, the imam said in Arabic, “Grant us help against the Jews and Christians,” citing the Quran as his source, according to court documents, AFP reported.
The Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs said, "
under Singapore law, we cannot, regardless of his religion, allow anyone to preach or act divisively and justify that by reference to a religious text.

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